I was a computer graphic designer for sixteen years, and an art educator for Seventeen, my style involves vibrant colors, energetic brush strokes, and high contrast. My journey is my art.

In much of my working and community involvement, I learned I was capable of providing a nurturing counterbalance to the predominantly masculine terrain. I was a fighter; which was epitomized in my paintings using powerful brush strokes to portray women who were self confident, smart and substantial beings.

My studies, as well as my life experiences, are influences of my current painting style. When I was doing computer graphics, I learned to simplify my ideas and express them in a way that people could easily understand. I developed a refined eye creating and harmonizing symbols.

One major artist who inspired me was and is Vincent Van Gogh, who, rather than employing solid colors, broke his scenes into bold, strong brush strokes. He also applied color with barely controlled passion to convey vibrant emotions.

The contrast of East versus West values I have experienced has given me a greater awareness of the differences and similarities. I treasure the best parts and accommodate the lesser of each culture. These ideas become the fused essence of my paintings.

Western culture affects the way I paint by using animated brushwork, bold colors and modern themes, yet my hereditary culture keeps me in balance with generations past and imparts harmony on my painting compositions.

The journey of my life opens my inner ear to the tale that is never ending and effortlessly my mind's eye dwells on the bright vision rising upon my canvas. My journey has been enriched by struggle, deep insight brimming with light and intense color.